Safety Culture

Dufferin Construction strives to ensure that we have a work culture founded on working safely. Senior management fully supports and is committed to ensuring the safety of all employees at the company. Their safety values are cascaded down to every worker in the company and promote having an overall safety mindset on every task completed.

Dufferin Construction’s safety culture change program became in 2008. We believe that management commitment is key to success and we ensure that our employees are well-equipped with the knowledge that they need.

The objective of the Safety Culture Program is to achieve safety excellence through the involvement of all employees. Safety is a condition of employment at Dufferin Construction and everyone plays a role in meeting the target of ZERO Harm. Safety Culture is based on behaviours which are beliefs, assumptions and norms also known as “unwritten codes of behaviour”. The Safety Culture Program involves front-line hourly workers surfacing issues and empowering the group to brainstorm and collectively work toward reducing risk of injury to all.

Our employees regularly perform work at heights, confined space activities, trenching, working in traffic and many other heavy civil activities.

Dufferin Construction Company continues to experience a steady growth in positive safety culture. We believe that our safety culture is a contributing factor in our relentless quest of ZERO Harm to People, and our Grass Roots Team projects have also proven to be very successful winning two CRH Canada President’s Awards for OH&S Excellence in 2012:

  • Silver President’s Award winner – Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) used at Toronto Pearson International Airport DCC project site
  • Bronze President’s Award winner: Rock Truck Video
Rock Truck backup Awareness Safety Video
Dufferin Construction Company Rock Truck Backup Awareness Video