Safety Awards

  • Regional Safety Award

    Halton Construction Association

    Halton Construction Association (HHCA) recognized Dufferin Construction on February 19, 2015 at their Annual General Meeting Dinner and Awards celebrating their 95th year anniversary. The safety award recognizes HHCA Contractor members for their excellence in six (6) different OHS categories. Dufferin Construction won in Catagory 1 - 500,000 man hours and over average hours worked.

  • Canadian Construction Association (CCA) – National Safety Award

    Canadian Construction Association (CCA) – National Safety Award

    Maintenance of Health and Safety in the Workplace

    Dufferin Construction developed and implemented an OH&S management system that models the OHSAS 18001 standard. The program’s success was based on the external audit score of 100% and the substantial reduction in injury rates since the program was introduced in 2005.

  • CRH Canada’s President’s Silver and Bronze Award for OHS Excellence

    Established in 2006, the CRH Canada’s President’s Awards for OHS Excellence was first introduced to recognize contributions employees have made throughout the year to improve safety at the workplace. Submissions by Dufferin Construction employees have been at the forefront since the inception of the program and a great deal of recognition has been provided from the Senior Executive Committee of CRH Canada. Most recently Dufferin Construction were named winners of the Bronze and Silver Awards for developing a Rock Truck Training Video and also implementing a Back-up Awareness Radar Detection system to prevent struck by incidents at the Greater Toronto Airport Authority. All employee teams that develop, implement and submit a safety suggestion receive recognition from the President and CEO via a personal letter to validate their commitment to the program. Each year over 60 nominations are entered and evaluated by a Jury of the employee peers. Only the best are named and awarded the coveted honour of gold, silver and bronze.

  • CCA National Safety Award

    CCA National Safety Award

    Canadian Construction Association

    Dufferin Construction Company was proud to receive the Canadian Construction Association’s 2000 National Safety Award. Dufferin received this award in recognition of the company’s achievements in implementing and maintaining health and safety in the construction workplace.

  • CCA Award for OHS Excellence

    CCA Award for OHS Excellence

    The first award, the 2000 Gordon M. Vipond Memorial Award, was established to honour a company who has demonstrated achievements and commitments in the pursuit of safety in the construction workplace across Canada. Initiated this year, this award recognizes Dufferin Construction’s significant accomplishment in providing training to some 575 employees in over 25 different construction related topics. Dufferin’s Health and Safety department led the industry by updating its current training program to reflect the amendments made to the Regulations for Construction Projects, adopted in June 2000 by the Ontario government.

  • OH&S Manager Jim LaFontaine presented with the Ontario Road Builders Association Distinguished Service Award

    OH&S Manager Jim LaFontaine presented with the Ontario Road Builders Association Distinguished Service Award

    Jim was recognized by the Ontario Road Builders Association (ORBA) for his many years of service elected by his peers as the Provincial Labour – Management Co-chair since 1999. Jim has been working closely with the Ministry of Labour, IHSA and labour leaders to foster and promote OH&S initiatives to improve worker safety in the Province of Ontario. Jim represents ORBA members and advocates for improvements to OH&S by chairing the Construction Legislative Review Committee; the IHSA Coroner’s Review Committee and participates with the Ontario Traffic Manual Book 7 Working Group. Most recently Jim was an active member on the Working at Heights Fall Protection Training Standard committee. Jim’s team also serves on the IHSA Labour – Management Regional Committees in London and Hamilton to ensure ORBA members are represented and safety concerns are brought forth with stakeholders across the Province.

  • Ontario Concrete Award

    Ontario Concrete Award
    Specialty Concrete Applications

    Ready-mix Concrete Association of Ontario

    2003 Ontario Concrete Award under the Specialty Concrete Applications category for their innovative Hi-Load Shoring System, which was featured on the elevated frontage roads project located at Pearson International Airport in Toronto. The use of a Hi-Load Shoring System has proven to be 50% more efficient than the conventional scaffold systems, thereby reducing costs. This system has also accelerated the overall construction schedule at this project. This award acknowledges excellence and innovation of projects the categories of; Architectural Merit, Structural Design, Material Development & Innovation, Specialty Concrete Products/Applications and Sustainable Development.

  • CCA National Safety Award

    CCA National Safety Award

    Canadian Construction Association

    Dufferin Construction Company was proud to receive the National Safety Award in 2005. This award that was presented to Dufferin in recognition of company’s comprehensive 23 point, safety program.

  • Hamilton-Niagara District Construction Association (HAND) Safety Award

    Hamilton-Niagara District Construction Association (HAND) Safety Award

    Similar to the HHCA safety awards, the HAND Association also recognizes member firms who have achieved the highest rated external audit score facilitated by the IHSA and who have reduced their WSIB Lost Time injury frequency rate compared to other companies working over 100,000 man hours. Dufferin Construction has won the HAND safety award numerous times and continues to promote all member firms to strive for safety excellence. Jim has been a past member of the Civil Safety Group Steering Committee with the ORBA and the Ontario Sewer and Water Main Association and actively promotes all construction companies to share best practices with the goal of ZEROHarm across Ontario’s construction sector.

  • Hamilton-Halton Construction Association (HHCA) Health and Safety Award

    Hamilton-Halton Construction Association (HHCA) Health and Safety Award

    Dufferin Construction has participated in the HHCA award nomination program for several years. Companies who wish to participate must submit to a third party external safety audit conducted by the Infrastructure Health and Safety Association (IHSA). The audit is a legacy program from the former Construction Safety Association of Ontario (CSAO) and rates construction firms on their ability to develop and manage OH&S programs, policies and procedures. Dufferin Construction, led by Jim LaFontaine has participated in the external audit program since 2000. The combination of the Company’s WSIB rating (lost time injury rate) and the external audit score determine the winners of member firms belonging to the HHCA and who have worked more than 100,000 man hours.

  • Winner of the Holcim Ltd Global Award for OH&S Excellence

    Winner of the Internal Global Award for OH&S Excellence

    In 2013, Dufferin Construction was recognized by the company’s owner at the time, Holcim Ltd, for Best in Group for OH&S excellence for the success of the Safety Culture Change program. Dufferin Construction was one of 8 regional award winners from OPCOs around the globe representing North America/UK group companies. Dufferin Construction was one of four winners recognized and received the “Best in Group” Global award. The Safety Culture Change program was initiated in 2009 and has been widely introduced across the districts integrating hourly workers with Grass Roots Team projects designed to improve OH&S. The program continues with over 100 grass roots team projects implemented to date.