Project Awards

  • Paver of The Year
    Asphalt Placement

    Ministry of Transportation of Ontario

    Dufferin Construction Company received the Ministry of Transportation’s 2004 Paver of the Year Award, for the construction of Highway 6 in Mount-Hope, Ontario. This green field project required the construction of a new highway, from Hwy. 6 to Hwy. 403 and the Hamilton International Airport. This projects was recognized for the quality placement of 152,00 tonnes of hot mix asphalt. This award that was introduced in 1992 is awarded to a project that is evaluated for the following characteristics: Overall combined ERS Specifications component of hot mix, % AC gradation, compaction, air voids, smoothness Segregation, Overall workmanship and Innovation. Additionally the project is evaluated on paving conditions such as traffic conditions, night paving requirements and condition of the pavement before the contract.