Project Awards

  • Paver of The Year
    Asphalt Placement

    Ministry of Transportation of Ontario

    Dufferin Construction Company received the Ministry of Transportation’s 2004 Paver of the Year Award, for the construction of Highway 6 in Mount-Hope, Ontario. This green field project required the construction of a new highway, from Hwy. 6 to Hwy. 403 and the Hamilton International Airport. This projects was recognized for the quality placement of 152,00 tonnes of hot mix asphalt. This award that was introduced in 1992 is awarded to a project that is evaluated for the following characteristics: Overall combined ERS Specifications component of hot mix, % AC gradation, compaction, air voids, smoothness Segregation, Overall workmanship and Innovation. Additionally the project is evaluated on paving conditions such as traffic conditions, night paving requirements and condition of the pavement before the contract.

  • Regional Safety Award

    Halton Construction Association

    Halton Construction Association (HHCA) recognized Dufferin Construction on February 19, 2015 at their Annual General Meeting Dinner and Awards celebrating their 95th year anniversary. The safety award recognizes HHCA Contractor members for their excellence in six (6) different OHS categories. Dufferin Construction won in Catagory 1 - 500,000 man hours and over average hours worked.

  • Architectural Conservation Award

    City of Ottawa

    Dufferin Construction Company was proud to receive the City of Ottawa’s 2005 Architectural Conservation Award of Excellence under the category of adaptive use. The award was given for the reconstruction of the Laurier Bridge which spans over the Rideau Canal in the downtown core of the City of Ottawa. The Architectural Conservation Award is a prestigious award which is issued annually by the City of Ottawa in recognition of excellence in the preservation of the City’s architectural heritage.

  • Environmental Achievement Award

    Canadian Construction Association (CCA)

    Dufferin Construcion was presented the Canadian Construction Association's enironmental achievment award for the Red Hill Creek expressway project in Hamilton. The project involved construction of an 8km parkway extension through an ecologically sensitive area. Following extensive consultations, the project was modified to improve environmental stewardship. Modifications included realigning 7km of creek, installing 23 storm water quality ponds and installing sewer overflow pipes to reduce discharge.

  • Paver of the Year

    Ministry of Transportation Ontario

    MTO - Dufferin Construction Company received this award for paving the 11km section of Hwy 403 from Hamilton to Brantford. The Paver of the Year Award are presented annually at the ORBA convention by the Ministry of Transportation. They recognize one Provincial Winner for excellence in hot mix paving on a project completed in the award year. Projects are judged on a number of criteria such as smoothness, night paving, completion, workmanship, mix quality and others.

  • Infrastructure Award

    Ready-mix Concrete Association

    This award was presented to Dufferin Construction for the placement of the Clyde Avenue Bridge on Highway 417 in Ottawa in under 17 hours. The eastbound and westbound bridges both spanned approximately 21m long and 21m wide and each weighed in excess of 650 tonnes. This project used innovative construction methods that lifted out the old bridges and replaced them with a newly constructed bridge. The new bridge was constructed with no impact to traffic and during the 17 hour highway closure, the old bridge was removed and replaced with the new one.

  • Project of the Year

    Hamilton/Halton Engineering / Ontario Society for Professional Engineers

    Dufferin Construction Company recieved the Project of the year award for the replacement of the Aberdeen Ave. bridge in Hamilton using rapid bridge replacement technology. This process minimized construction impact to traffic, improved construction safety and reduced construction costs. Using innovative technology the old bridge was lifted away and replaced with a pre-constructed bridge that was built nearby during a single weekend highway closure.

  • Ontario Concrete Award

    Ready-mix Concrete Association of Ontario

    Dufferin Construction received the Ontario Concrete award from the Ready-Mix Concrete Association of Ontario for the widening from four to six lanes for approx. 9.4 km of the QEW in St. Catherines. This highly complex project included the construction of 9.4km of tall wall barrier, 5.4km of noise walls in residential areas, storm water management ponds at 3 locations, demolition and replacement of various bridge overpasses and various other improvements. This was the largest single highway contract ever to be awarded by the MTO.